In partnership with SEMA and "The Ultimate Wheel and Tire Plus Sizing Guide" registered members of the On Edge Performance team are given the unique opportunity of having access to the most complete set of performance tire and wheels fitment tools in the tire industry. These tools offer you an easy way to determine Plus-Size applications for Cars, Trucks, and SUV’s. Our guide provides more plus fitments than other tire and wheel guides. The tools below walk you through every step of the way, so you get the right fitment, the first time and every time. No more time and money wasted ordering the wrong size tires or wheels, no more costly mistakes in mounting up a set of tires and wheels only to find out they do not fit. Use our new online tools to calculate speedometer recalibrations, find the correct load and inflation, and make comparisons.?With the correct application, plus sizing will enhance the performance of any vehicle. The lower aspect ratio (shorter sidewall) and increased contact patch (wider footprint) result in improved overall handling and appearance. Staying close as possible to the original tires overall diameter maintains the vehicles computer settings, this is essential for correct speedometer, ABS, traction control, automatic transmission, and other computer controlled operations of today’s modern vehicles.

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